Faben, TX

The prelimary drawing gives a touching view into the process that made this suggestive arrangement possible.  I especially love that they decided not to fill in the “bacon” caption under the hotdog.

Chicago, Illinois

clark st., chicago4

Ah, yes see, there’s another incomplete sign.  Why not paint the onions?  Or, did they decide they would be white anyway?  No matter.  Bob Ross-ian corner-brushing happening on those trees back there.

(Clark Street)


Greeley, Colorado


This is one of the strangest categories in the Archive:  The Incomplete Food Sign.  There are others that I will post.   Why did they stop painting?  Did a war break out?  Did the whole town run out of paint?  It appears everything was fine while all the cupcakes were evenly spaced, but when the pink one made contact with the yellow one, the painter freaked out and couldn’t finish it.