Fredericksburg, TX

This painting is not about the giant peaches they put in the ice cream but more about the effort it takes this laborer to make it. It looks pretty hard. “We put blood, sweat and tears into our product.  Mostly sweat.”

Pecos, Texas


Here is a full figure, sly and slightly elfin in stature.  Her proximity to the sidewalk hints at trompe l’oeil.  Some interesting invention happening where her hands, plate and cakes meet.  Auch, cinderblocks; I’m making a new category for those as well.

Show-Low, Arizona


As American as this Protestant pie.  If you want your food painted at lecherous angles or in cavalier colors, you may like to dine someplace else.  Like Babylon.


Show-Low, Arizona


Determination in pie format.

New York City, New York


This is technically “drippy”, so I will tag it as such, but I’m not convinced.  What kind of cake is that again?

(Jewish deli in Washington Heights)


Greeley, Colorado


This is one of the strangest categories in the Archive:  The Incomplete Food Sign.  There are others that I will post.   Why did they stop painting?  Did a war break out?  Did the whole town run out of paint?  It appears everything was fine while all the cupcakes were evenly spaced, but when the pink one made contact with the yellow one, the painter freaked out and couldn’t finish it.