Tucson, AZ

Zero-gravity space picnic at a diner in Tucson. A single example of a wide range of foods, some sharpened, some severely angular, all edging away from an approaching wall of whiteness. (Photo by H. Ensor)

Monterey, TN

This old woman (you can see her gray bun) (behind the brown and green bun) is struggling to carry a gigantic hot dog. One wonders if the hamburger sprouted hairy man legs, or if a man was carrying it and it engulfed his torso. Either way he’s not in a position to help. An unsettling grouping.

El Paso, Texas

chikamatsuda,H&H Car Wash, El Paso, Tx
H&H Carwash and torta shop in El Paso, contributed to the HPFSA Archive by C. Matsuda. Nothing wrong with a spotlight on a gigantic sandwich but not sure why lettuce is spilling out just that one place.

Chino Valley, Arizona

At the other end of this very small rural town, yet another cut-out shape sign. This time ice-cream, unnecessarily labeled as such, apparently held against its will other bits of cut-out shapes.  The drip is not convincing, but the cut-out format does not lend itself to realism.

Globe, Arizona


Exceedingly drippy. I’m adding a new category called Fanciful. These pies are meant to be diagrammatic, representing the different sizes, but with all that cheese, and the implied narrative of the missing piece, they go beyond pure schema.

(photo by J. Gordon)

Chicago, Illinois

pilsen, chicago3

Surprisingly realistic banana split, the drips are working, and as we’ve discussed, they don’t always.

Faben, Texas


More from the same place, same strange shadow choice.  it’s like a shadow, but it doesn’t act like a shadow. Sorry about the glare, the rapture was just starting.


Ozona, Mississippi

Oh right, there are others from this Ozona concession stand.  Is that a cloud of coldness?

West Asheville, North Carolina

asheville, nc02

See, now that’s actually drippy, but accidentally.  Maybe this is the food sign painter who realized that paint is naturally drippy and instead of trying to represent drippy, you can just BE drippy.  I like the tomato seen from the side, a convincing reflection.

(Mama’s Soul Food, Haywood Road)

New York City, New York


This is technically “drippy”, so I will tag it as such, but I’m not convinced.  What kind of cake is that again?

(Jewish deli in Washington Heights)


Ozona, Mississippi

In the context of the cinderblock concession stand, the text might not be necessary, though an act of generosity nonetheless.  The chips read visually as eggs, three-dimensional somehow, even though there is no modeling, maybe because they stand upright instead of stacked.  The actual drop of the white wall paint over the nachos means this painting has been preserved.  Just making an observation.