Southbury, Connecticut

Dynamic, fanciful, airborne.

Globe, Arizona


Exceedingly drippy. I’m adding a new category called Fanciful. These pies are meant to be diagrammatic, representing the different sizes, but with all that cheese, and the implied narrative of the missing piece, they go beyond pure schema.

(photo by J. Gordon)

Livingston Manor, New York

livingston manor, ny1

There it is again!  The hot dog at a 45° angle.  Funny, the linear quality of the food must make painters want to represent them at an angle.  This hot dog has a Delta IV thing going on.

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

The strokes that make up the crustacea are well-practiced; the turn of each shrimp back is believable, not just a half-moon, but with shrimp-like inflection, and in a single stroke.  How did the painter learn that stroke, I wonder?  It’s so region-specific.  And the same facility is not apparent in the lettering.  Not a criticism, just pointing it out.