Duchess County, NY

A wiggly line of mustard lovingly portrayed. Realistic light on the subject but no shadow underneath, giving it an airborne appearance. And the mysterious compulsion (definitely not sexual in nature) to paint hotdogs at near perfect 45 degree angles.  Here are two of many examples:

Bratislava, Slovakia

A moody scene, the only food being a half-shucked ear of uncooked corn. Some empty vessels, a grinder, a scale and an unlit lamp. Somehow still makes me want to go in and have a seat.
(photo by A. Saterstrom)

Nairobi, Kenya

First “and Beyond” food sign added to the Archive, this is in Nairobi, Kenya, added by B. Johnson to the archive. Classic butchery and hotel. Hoofstock checks in but don’t check out. Nice realism, one wonders if the painter painted from life (so to speak) the meat hanging in the window. I wonder how many food signs are painted from life.

San Francisco, California

This informational painting highlights the tools and techniques of Italian delicatessenship.  Stylish pedestrians on Chestnut St. in the Marina District are not just looking for sustenance but for food that has been stretched, sliced, tweezed and rolled with specialty rollers made by grandparents in home-countries.  In other words, this sign in not selling ravioli, but artisan-ness.

Tucson, Arizona

tucson, az_broadway
It is as though Vinnie asked the sign painter to make a dog chef serving a hot dog, imagining a cartoon dog in a chef’s hat. But the result is a bizarrely realistic painting of a German Shepherd delivering the food, which is not whimsical but nightmarish in feeling.  Still, a great shadow under the Sonoran dog.

Liberty, Texas


Such incredible detail in this painting. The realism extends to the delicate blue and white patterns on the china. The burrito and quesadilla could be munched upon by a Philip Guston figure. This is part of an extraordinary triptych.

Southbury, Connecticut

Surprisingly faithful to the take-out cup design. And a different approach to steam, not the curly lines you usually see.

Tennessee (location unknown)


Solid.  Monumental hoop of cheese, restrained in detail, but not lazily painted.  All the letters hand-painted but not sloppy.  Timeless.

(photo by R. Fortner)


Chicago, Illinois

pilsen, chicago3

Surprisingly realistic banana split, the drips are working, and as we’ve discussed, they don’t always.

Kalamazoo, Michigan

The cinderblocks drive me nuts sometimes.  The lettuce is commendable though, lettuce is often crazily represented in food signs (example).   The tangent where the hanging sausage gently meets the ham makes me nervous.