Denver, CO

Jailed for impersonating a muppet. Sad.

(Alameda and Zuni)

Tupelo, MS

“Arsh taters,” you can hear the accent. Irish, or white potatoes, as opposed to sweet potatoes, that’s old school. Pretty low effort, as produce signs tend to be, the shapes forlorn, but touching, especially with the tiny purple car on the window sill. (photo from D. Fortner)

Bratislava, Slovakia

A moody scene, the only food being a half-shucked ear of uncooked corn. Some empty vessels, a grinder, a scale and an unlit lamp. Somehow still makes me want to go in and have a seat.
(photo by A. Saterstrom)

Coahona, Texas

One of the sadder food sign in the Archive.  The sesame seed bun and the red fries container indicate McDonalds.  I don’t think they sell food here.  I think it’s strictly a sun-bleached toy packaging and foresaken strollers kind of operation.